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Dermassential Enzyme Exfoliator 50ml

Dermassential Enzyme Exfoliator 50ml

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Enzymatic exfoliation is an evening option for exfoliating your skin, using natural enzymes to break down keratin proteins that bind dead skin cells together.

Pineapple and Papaya are the enzymes that soften the skin. The enzymes in these fruits fight free-radical damage and are known to reduce age spots and fine lines, leaving the skin supple. 


Shea fruit butter, Pineapple fruit extract, Papaya Fruit Extract.

Directions for use:

Use one to two pumps. Apply the gel to the face and neck area. Using damp fingertips, activate enzymes using circular movements for 2 - 3 minutes. Allow the exfoliator to act on the skin for an additional 5 minutes. For optimal results apply whilst in the bath, since steam increases the activity of the fruit enzymes. It may be left on overnight or washed off after 10 minutes.

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